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“As a sales professional, I have spent the last 14 years of my life developing and perfecting a sales process and philosophy that has proven scalable and successful throughout several industries. I “thought” I knew it all. As soon as I met [the TTT trainer] I learned very quickly that this would not be your average class.

First and foremost, he had a plethora of knowledge on the subject being taught. What truly resonated was his ability to incorporate real world experience, scenarios, and strategies that transformed a simple “company required class” into an enriching life experience. Not only did this vastly increase class participation and focus, but it also provided a template of successful behaviors I’ve personally used and taught to others for the past 6 years.

His style of coaching was not only motivational, but it also provided the class with the confidence to self-motivate whenever needed. This is absolutely priceless and essential for any person that wants to achieve more or become a giant in their current role to attain security and peace of mind. In my experience, this has given me an “extra gear” in life and proven that there is no quantifiable depth to human potential. I am forever grateful.”

- Adrian Jones
Capital One Bank



"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how great our trainer did yesterday. He did an excellent job of getting the attendees engaged in conversation and role-playing. This is not an easy task! He was able to cover tons of useful information in only 8 hours. He incorporated many of the concepts into roleplaying, giving each of us the opportunity to apply the skill sets we were being taught.

When he saw that someone was struggling with incorporating a concept, he jumped in and offered helpful suggestions. He is an excellent trainer in that, most importantly, he was not boring.  He is very charismatic. He was funny, animated, used good inflection when speaking which maintained staff attention. I would highly recommend him to other businesses in our area."

- Kelly S. Toth
city of Islamorada



"Our TTT Trainer is one of the most talented corporate trainers I have seen who brings profound positive changes in the lives of people and organizations. As a learning leader and corporate trainer, he brings cutting edge content and skills in the area of organizational and human development and is able to facilitate true transformation.

He is also a thought leader in the field of Organizational Learning and Development because he elevates the concept of corporate training to another level. For him, corporate training is an opportunity to expand the organization’ s vision and perspective, to shift its mindset, and to see new horizons of possibilities.

He taught [our Train the Trainer cohort] that corporate training’s key outcome should be translating learning into the workplace; into concrete, changed behaviors and skills that bring return on those efforts and investments in training.

His perspective helped us to see our untapped personal potential and translate it into professional objectives. I would highly recommend him for any organization that wants to bring lasting results in terms of its performance and impact. He is an expert in helping people and organizations to self-discover and develop to a new level."

- Katya ecaterina canter
the world bank



"Thanks to this presentation skills training, I was able to overcome some of the bad habits I have when doing public speaking engagements. In my field, it is imperative to be an excellent public speaker and communicate clearly and effectively. Thank you for helping me improve in this required skills I need to be able to succeed in my career."

- Maria Carolina Diaz, MSEM, CLSSBB
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